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Globalization A Journey Through Globalisation Essay

To what extent is our understanding of economic globalisation challenged or expanded by analysing the lived experience of global processes. Introduction Globalisation refers to finance, migration and trade (Huwart and Verdier 2013). Economic globalisation is a strand of globalisation that is controversial, especially in the recent global economic situation. It is difficult to define globalisation because different disciplines use differing measures to study globalisation, for example ‘economic interdependence, technological change, cultural homogenisation or the growing importance of global institutions’ (Feyter 2007: 3) are all factors used by authors investigating global processes. In the general sense, economic globalisation is ‘as ancient as commercial trade’ and it ‘resulted from a combination of dynamic merchants seeking new markets outside their own borders’ (Huwart and Verdier 2013: 18). Understanding of economic globalisation can be challenged or expanded by analysing the lived experience of global processes, for instance, Caroline Knowles in her book ‘Flip-Flop: A Journey Through Globalisation’s Backroads’ demonstrates economic globalisation in terms of the mass production of flip-flops. Knowles’ book follows the journey taken in the manufacturing and marketing of flip-flops through the landscapes, lives and trips of those along the flip-flop trail (Knowles 2014). The people in ‘Flip-Flop: A Journey Through Globalisation’s Backroads’ are evidence of the livedShow MoreRelatedGlobalization Is Not A Myth? Essay2166 Words   |  9 PagesGlobalisation as a concept is both convoluted and criticised. Arguments regarding globalisation are not only limited to the issue of definition, but whether or not globalisation is in fact a myth (Scholte 2000). As a result of this, globalisation attracts both advocates and sceptics, each of which present a different interpretation of the term. This essay will examine various sectors in which globalisation is said to be occurring such as economy, technological and culture. In doing so t his essayRead MoreThe Big Bang Significance Of Globalization Essay1577 Words   |  7 PagesHistorians ascribe the big bang significance of globalisation to the 15th century, where explorers funded by European monarchs began journeys in search of new trade routes with its principle foundations traced back to 100 CE where the Romans made new trade routes in Africa and into Asia (Osland, 2003). Our present, highly internationalised economy is not unprecedented—â€Å"it is not an act of god, like a virus or a volcano, but the result of economic actions taken by human beings and thus responsiveRead MoreGlobalization: a Process of Change that Cannot be Stopped Essay1334 Words   |  6 Pages Globalization is defined as â€Å"the process by which the experience of everyday life, marked by the diffusion of commodities and ideas, is becoming standardized around the world,† and as â€Å"a process fueled by, and resulting in, increasing cross-border flows of goods, services, money, people, information, and culture.† Presently, globalization has been transpiring at a rather rapid rate. While this increased rate of globalization is a recent phenomenon, globalization has been happening long before theRead MoreTransnational Corporations As The Movers And Shapers Of The World Economy : A Critical Consideration1428 Words   |  6 Pagesnotion that such enterprises are truly ‘global’ in form. The concept of globalization is one that has pervaded public and academic discourse throughout the last three decades. The term is seldom unheard in any discussion about politics, economics, culture and the environment. However, despite its ubiquity, the meaning of globalization is often contested and the term is often said to be misused. As Strange contests, globalization is a ‘’Term †¦ used by a lot of woolly thinkers who lump together all sortsRead MoreGlobalisation and Australian Automotive Industry3628 Words   |  15 PagesGlobalisation and World Today globalization is essentially a synonym for global business. Globalization is changing the world we live in at a very increasingly rapid pace (Rodrik., 1997). Changes in technology, communication, and transportation are opening up borders and markets at increasing rates. In any large city in any country, Japanese cars ply the streets, a mobile call can be enough to buy equities from a stock exchange half a world away, local businesses could not function without U.S.Read MoreThe Effect of Globalisation on the Development of Underdeveloped1 Economies7888 Words   |  32 PagesTHE EFFECT OF GLOBALISATION ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF UNDERDEVELOPED1 ECONOMIES By MUSA JEGA IBRAHIM The existing wide disparities between the developed and the underdeveloped economies makes globalisation a tool for stultifying the industrialisation process, and by extension, retarding the growth and development of underdeveloped economies. Trade liberalisation, the cardinal instrument of globalisation ensures that industrialised countries have access to world markets, which enhances furtherRead MoreEffects of Globalization: Globalization and the Effects on the United States Economy1713 Words   |  7 PagesGlobalization has affected every aspect of the business community in one way or another. Globalization in a simple sense is a business’s movement from one country to another. This is done for a number of reasons; amount of readily available resources, labor market, increased number of customers, and to ultimately become more profitable. There is a decisive advantage for a business to move overseas, but there are a number of drawbacks globalization creates on the local economy. When businessesRead MoreComm Reflective Essay2363 Words   |  10 PagesSection 1 My Learning Journey†¦ in COMM101: Principles of Responsible Commerce Initially, before I learn this course, I have always thought that a â€Å"responsible commerce† is only important to balance the economic cycle. In my initial essay regarding â€Å"responsible commerce†, I mentioned about child labor being one of the biggest issue of irresponsible commerce, I thought the reason of it being such a big issue was because it would affect the whole economical cycle. And I did not realize that responsibleRead MoreDemocracy in China Essay examples3298 Words   |  14 Pagesessay will look at what democracy is and how it can be placed in a Chinese context as well as looking at the proponents and opponents of democracy in China. It will also look at whether China is democratising by focusing on village elections, globalisation and the emergence of a civil society. These specific topics were chosen because they will help provide good evidence and arguments to the topic of democratisation in China. The main argument in this essay will be that al though China is implementingRead MoreHow Do Sociological And Psychological Needs Affect Form, National Identity? Essay2217 Words   |  9 Pageswith globalization, culture, art, and society. Examining greek culture in the previous assignment made us familiar with the concept and will also help to analyze the Australian National identity. Outline : â€Å"My path leads to the creation of a fresh perception of the world. I decipher in a new way the world unknown to you† stated by a Russian filmmaker Dziga Vertov, in a prescient 1923 manifesto,(Vertov 1984, p18). In today’s scenario, Industrialisation at its peak has given birth Globalisation widely

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Diabetes As A Western Disease - 1489 Words

â€Å"We are what we eat†? It is the typical clique is used quite often when we mention our eating habits as a result of a reactions and energy we obtain from food we eat. While some food may make us active and full of energy, some may make us sluggish and lazy. Diabetes has been around for decades, as the increase in assortment of food and different varieties have become assessable to individuals globally, we have been dealt with a larger problem than many predicated. Diabetes started as a western disease has made its way to being a global problem with many organizations leading the fight to find ways to reduce the epidemic. While many may disagree that the disease has reach its apex and have already spread, there seems to be huge†¦show more content†¦The cause is not known, but it is thought to be the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Many countries are documenting higher numbers of newly diagnosed cases of type 1 diabetes, particularly in younger children. Interestingly, some disease patterns among children resemble infectious disease epidemics. Currently, there is no known way to prevent type 1 diabetes. Only 5% of people with diabetes have this form of the disease. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life. With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, young children can learn to manage their condition and live long, healthy lives. Type II diabetes is diagnosed when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Often preventable, it can result from excess body weight and physical inactivity, and sometimes, a genetic predisposition. Recently, type 2 diabetes has increasingly been reported in children and adolescents, so much so that in some parts of the world type 2 diabetes has become the main type of diabetes in children. The global rise of childhood obesity and physical inactivity is widely believed to play a crucial role in the recent diagnoses. Healthy eating and lifestyle habits are a strong defense against the disease. Diabetes is a problem within the body that causes

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Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences

Question: Discuss about the Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences. Answer: Introduction: The Australian taxation is one of the foremost revenue streams for the government, which is charged from the individuals holding citizenship of the country, business organisations and capital gains. Therefore, the current study aims to evaluate whether Fred has been a citizen of Australia based on the provided scenario. Ascertaining the citizenship of Fred for the purpose of taxation: As per the case study, it could be assessed that Fred has intended to visit Australia for setting up his own business. However, the person has not decided the course of stay in the nation. In order to obtain the citizenship of Australia, it is mandatory to have a valid visa for residing in the nation for an indefinite period. In the words of Saad (2014), holding such a type of visa could be teemed as the Permanent Residence Visa. In this case, it has been observed that Fred has visited Australia by leaving out the family. Therefore, it is quite inherent that Ted has acquired a valid visa; however, it is not possible to ascertain whether the same is a permanent residence visa. The major requirements for meeting the residential status of Australia are briefly summed up as follows: Stay in the nation: In order to become a permanent resident of Australia, it is necessary to reside in the nation for 12 months. As per the case study, Fred has been compelled to return to the province of the UK due to poor health conditions. In this context, Schenk, Thuronyi and Cui (2015) stated that the persons failing to satisfy the residence criteria are not taxable under the Australian rules and regulations. Therefore, according to this eligibility criterion, Fred is not a resident of Australia and hence, the Australian government could not charge tax from the person. Dual citizenship criteria in Australia: Since, Fred is an UK resident, therefore, it is essential for the person to obtain a citizenship of Australia for staying in the nation to operate the newly set up business. It has been provided in the case study that Fred has made an investment in France and receive a certain portion of the investment amount in the form of interest. As remarked by Arthur (2016.), the persons disclosing the income earned from investment in foreign country are taxable under both the domestic and the foreign governments. Since, Fred is eligible to pay tax to both the French and the UK governments; thus, the Australian government would not grant citizenship to the person and hence, not taxable under the Australian laws. In addition, since Fred has returned from Australia before 12 months due to physical illness, the major eligibility criterion for becoming an Australian resident has not been fulfilled. In addition, the person has also not decided about the duration in Australia. A person could not be a resident of Australia, in case, the same is uncertain about the length of stay in the nation (Australian Citizenship HQ 2016). Therefore, based on the above discussion, it could be evaluated that Fred is not a resident of Australia, since the person has failed to satisfy the eligibility criteria of the nation and thus, not obliged to pay any sort of tax to the Australian government. Conclusion: According to the above evaluation, it has been found that Fred has not been a citizen of Australia. This is because the person has not stayed in Australia for consecutive 12 months, in order to comply with the Australian legislations of permanent citizenship. Furthermore, Fred is also entitled to pay tax to the French government for thee3 interest earned from investments. Therefore, Fred has failed to satisfy the citizenship test of Australia and hence, non-tax deductible. References: Arthur, G., 2016. Tax files: Taxation duties of executors.Bulletin (Law Society of South Australia),38(2), pp.28-29. Australian Citizenship HQ. (2016).Australian Citizenship Eligibility - Australian Citizenship HQ. Available from: [Accessed on 1 Sep. 2016]. Saad, N., 2014. Tax knowledge, tax complexity and tax compliance: Taxpayers view.Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences,109, pp.1069-1075. Schenk, A., Thuronyi, V. and Cui, W., 2015.Value Added Tax. Cambridge University Press.

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Conflict in Burma/Myanmar Violence in Burma has existed since approximately April 1948. This conflict has been between the Burmese government and various ethnic groups in Burma. Although recently, there has been conflict against the military regime which has been ruling Burma since 1962. This conflict is the oldest ongoing war in the world, and it has therefore received international attention. This is because of the 8888 Uprising in 1988, the work of activist Aung San Suu Kyi and anti-government protests that occurred in late 2007.Burma is involved in a non-international armed conflict involving a variety of rebellious groups, including militia forces operating predominantly along ethnic lines. The Burma army, known as tatmadaw, has been waging counter-insurgency campaigns against the Karen National Union (KNU), who support human rights and democracy, and its armed wing (the Karen National Liberation Army, KNLA) for nearly 60 years, as well as against the Shan State Army and Karenni ethnic rebel groups.Monks Protesting in Burma

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Rewrite Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Rewrite - Essay Example The brand name is developed from the words architecture and Cymru, which is Wales in Welsh. This brand name will help us expand within the local Welsh market, which enhances the company’s ability to become a premier Welsh firm. We wish to take advantage of the increased investment in Wales’ construction sector by seeking for funds through our brand name. Although the brand name seeks to establish our company in the local market, our wider objective is to become a major firm in Europe with the capacity of executing major architectural projects within the continent and the rest of the world. Within the first three to five years of our operations, the company will operate as a private limited company with each shareholder having equal rights. Thereafter, the company will liquidity or offer some of the shares to the public through an initial public offering with the company becoming a public limited company although this objective is based on the long-term achievements of company and its success as reassessed in the long-run. Through various milestones in infrastructural designs, Wales’s construction industry plays an important role in the development and growth of the local economy while considering various environmental and societal issues. Economical estimates indicate that the industry contributes about 10% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Each year, estimated investments in the sector are likely to be about  £2.3 billion with the industry experiencing high competition, as there are around 12,000 construction firms in the sector. Despite the stiff competition, the industry experiences a wide range of specializations. Concerning the labor force benefiting from the industry, industrial estimates indicate that over 100,000 workers are employed by the industry and they range from various construction professions such as architecture, builders, engineers, surveyors, maintenance groups, and other companies that restore and